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The Adventures of Ralph Sean Green


Ultimate Sibling Showdown is an important book about sports. And kids, and a sibling rivalry that will keep you on the edge of your couch in suspense!

And guess who tells the story? A group of “kid reporters” who chronicle the playground drama where legends are made. 

It’s a vital time for this book. Sports are on the rebound. Kids see lots of rivalries that get ugly. We want to give up, and we need models of persistence, strength, and hoop excellence – like the real legends who inspired this story.

The book is a partnership between Donna Griffin, a seasoned journalism teacher who has helped hundreds of minority students find their voice, and Jay, a young musician who is a talented illustrator.

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Are you ready to help kids & teens learn by doing?

Ralph Sean Green is the coolest caterpillar you’ve ever seen!

Follow along on his amazing journey to become a monarch butterfly and read how second graders worked with Dani’s Dreams to discover and share his story.

His family bought him at the Farmers Market when he was a caterpillar and watched him grow and fed him a tone of milkweed.

Check out how he totally transformed himself and became a hero at the Dani’s Dreams education trails at Zion Lutheran School and Sugar Creek Park in New Palestine.