Pop-Up Family Fun Events

Simple, safe hands-on fun… for your school, in your neighborhood or at your business!

"Edu-taining" events that help kids connect to the world around them.

This year especially, we crave safe ways to have fun and enjoy new experiences. Donna Griffin’s Pop-Up Family Fun events offer just this!

If you’re trying to plan something fun for kids in your life, consider a Pop-Up Family Fun Event. We show up with all the good stuff to keep the kids engaged and excited. (They’ll learn something too, but shhhh… don’t tell!) 

Pop-Up Events are a great way to create a unique hands-on learning event for your classroom, build awareness for your business, or to offer something special for your clients, HOA members, community members, etc. Also perfect for birthday parties and family reunions. All events are adapted to meet social distancing & health guidelines.

How it works

1. Choose & schedule a pop-up event

Complete the form below to learn all the details and to schedule your event. We'll put together just the right event for your needs!

2. You promote, we promote

If it's a public event, we'll help to promote your pop-up up on our email & social media channels. If it's your private event, just send out the invites!

3. Stand back and watch the fun!

On pop-up day, we'll show up with all the fun. You get to stand back and watch kids connect with the world around them!

Did you know?! Donna Griffin has been facilitating fun events for families for over 12 years! Her nonprofit organization Dani’s Dreams helps kids connect with the world on topics like outdoor discovery, STEM subjects, multimedia, and eco-responsibility. 

She is a Master Journalism educator with years of experience in public school classrooms, but her real passion is helping people experience life OUTSIDE the classroom, and to learn by doing. Learn more about Dani’s Dreams here.


Example Pop-Up Events

Dig It! Dino & Fossil Fun

Meet Terry the Triceratops, touch a T-rex tooth, dig for fossils, and take one home!

You'll also get to be a reporter and write a story about your favorite dino/fossil discoveries!

You Make the Call!

This is a unique media event perfect for youth sports organizations and summer camps, helping young people interact with sports from the perspective of a sports reporter.

Participants will interview athletes and cover great moments in their sports in their unique way.

Butterflies UPCLOSE

Meet real caterpillars and discover the life cycle, metamorphosis activity, and amazing story of the butterfly!

You'll record a video about the importance of pollinators.

Plant Fearlessly with Dani’s Dreams!

Learn the story of a kid like you... Dani ... and her adventure with growing things!

Discover the amazing journey of plants as they go from tiny seeds to food on our table.

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