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Ultimate Sibling Showdown

This graphic novel is an important book about sports. And kids, and a sibling rivalry that will keep you on the edge of your couch in suspense!

And who tells this story? The Gameday Crew, kid reporters who chronicle the playground drama where legends are made.

Illustrated by Jay Fuqua

The Birth of The First Amendment

Truth. Fake News. The First Amendment. How did it all start?

In a courtroom in New York 41 years BEFORE the Declaration of Independence and 56 years BEFORE the Bill of Rights became law…

When John Peter Zenger printed the New York Journal in 1734, he joined a special group of Americans – journalists who were patriots and partners in the battle for freedom for the Colonies. Printers joined forces with lawyers who understood the power of the written word.

In this middle grade graphic novel, discover the fate of the freedom of speech!

Illustrated by Gary Varvel.

Old Whiskers Escapes

Enjoy the true story of President Benjamin Harrison’s pet goat that lived on the White House grounds. The goat often was spotted taking the president’s grandchildren on wagon rides on the lawn but one day escaped with Grandson Baby McKee in tow.

Illustrated by Gary Varvel.

The 12 Days of Christmas in Indiana

Come join cousins Noah and Darcy for Christmas in Indiana, where everything’s on the move—especially race cars on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

Illustrated by Troy Cummings

What's Next?

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Beyond just books

Programs to connect students to the world + people around them

In my virtual programs, K-12 students develop 21st Century skills in project-based programs that connect them to their communities and empower them to raise their voices for positive change.

These programs engage students through Media Literacy and Multimedia Storytelling.

Step by Step: how interactive programs work

Example Programs (Based on books)

It’s Gameday! Sports Media Camp

Engaging students, athletes, and journalists, these fast-paced events help young people explore many facets of sports!

These are unique literacy events for youth sports organizations and summer camps.

Participating in the behind-the-scenes world of sports inspires students to consider careers in journalism.

Partner Book: Ultimate Sibling Showdown

Speak Your Truth Community Town Halls

Bringing together students, community leaders, and journalists, these events focus on freedom of speech and what that means for the modern student.

Students will be answering as well as asking the questions and sharing from their diverse perspectives. Everyone will have a chance to exercise their First Amendment rights and create media that matters.

Partner Book: The Birth of the First Amendment

Eco Lessons & PopUp Outdoor Fun Events

Activities to inspire children to enjoy nature and caring for our world.

Topics include:

  • Recess Bug Hunts
  • Dig It Dino Fun
  • Watch Us Grow!
  • Butterflies Upclose
and more!

Eco Lessons fit perfectly into a school day for teachers, and pop-up events are loved at festivals and community events.

Partner Books: Dani & the Beans and The Adventures of Ralph Sean Green

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