Hanging By A Thread

By Donna Griffin Why I love teaching: This week I was the substitute in third grade. I read the most awesome book to the class, “Patchwork Quilt” by Valerie Flournoy, with the theme of how families are joined by love, by action, and memories – I highly recommend it. Each class member then got to […]

Inspiration and Endless Possibilities in Ultimate Sibling Showdown

Author/publisher’s note: I knew pretty quickly in my only face-to-face meeting with Jay Fuqua that he shared my vision for Ultimate Sibling Showdown. As we talked in the Starbucks on Capitol near Downtown in early March 2020, little did either of us realize the twists and turns ahead in possibly the craziest creation process ever – in […]

‘And the Crowd Goes Wild!’

By Donna Griffin Across the country, everyone’s trying to go back to school, but there’s literally no going back. I’m screen deep into my third week of remote learning as an IPS teacher.  “When are we going to go back to the normal schedule? One of my senior students asked during our Microsoft Teams class […]

#WhyIPublish Turning The Page Is Personal

#WHYIPUBLISH By Donna Griffin Author and CEO The Birth of the First Amendment, 2019 Old Whiskers Escapes! 2018 The Twelve Days of Christmas in Indiana 2014 Coming Soon: The Gameday Crew Presents: Ultimate Sibling Showdown Turning a page is personal. Ask any 6 month old or 60 year old. You have power in reading the […]

Pumpkin Cookies in a Pandemic

Nana Tells All By Donna Griffin In the midst of a global pandemic I made pumpkin cookies… Usually I only make this somewhat seasonal treat for holidays and special occasions, but the words of my granddaughter, Portia, prompted me to turn on the oven. “Nana, when the Corona is done, I’ll come over and we’ll […]