Connecting kids & teens to their world + people around them

I create books & programs that give young people a voice.

Creating opportunities for students to gain 21st-century skills through project-based learning

I believe that everyone has a voice, and needs a chance to use it. I love to create experiences that are based around books so that young people can learn by doing!

I create + facilitate

Books, programs, & light-bulb moments so that more young people can learn by doing.


I strive to create books that help young people discover the world for themselves. These books spark kids’ imaginations and also provide the foundation for real-world experiences!

Experiences & Programs

I design and facilitates programs that give young people a chance to speak out, create media, and encounter the world + people.

Lightbulb Moments

This would be called consulting in the phone book, but that's a stodgy term. I help writers, school administrators, after-school programs, and others to get ideas + create solutions !

Donna Griffin

Master Journalism Educator, Author,
Nonprofit Director, and Nana!

What do pumpkin cookies have to do with a pandemic?

Making connections — and helping young people do the same — is a specialty of mine. At the heart of everything I do is listening to kids + teens and helping them have a voice through relevant experiences and books. It’s all about building relationships.

Also, I love my family and sometimes write about zany things like pumpkin cookies!

awww thanks!

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